The Blaze presenta Madly, un poema visual sobre los Festivales de música.

Madly, es parte del segundo álbum: Jungle

El Poema dice:

Imagine a place where no one can stop dancing

The beat shakes everything, everyone’s bouncing

It was deep, it was sweet, hardcore

I really felt things I’ve never felt before

I close my eyes and then everything’s lit.

My heart feels the beat and my soul feels the heat.

Now I feel like a very special witness

Freedom itself is dancing in that crazy mess

I let myself melt into the crowd to dance

Connected to everyone, I’m kissing the trance

When the sun rose again, there was no more music

It sounds like heaven with a distant kick

The wind sweeps the night dust into the sky

I can’t feel my feet cause I’m flying high

I was blind but now I see all the beauty

Hidden in the light, surrounded by poetry

I know something has changed deep inside me

It’s like a dream that I have to be with somebody

What is this feeling ? Everything’s so neat. 

My heart skipped a beat. My heart skipped a beat.

I can see myself dancing in the sky above.

Am I dead ? Worst. Damn… I think I am in love.

Dirigido por: The Blaze

Director de Fotografía: Nicolas Loir

Edición por: Zoé Sazzier